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Is German Apartment safe?

Yes, German Apartment is a secure platform. We take security very seriously and have implemented several measures to ensure your safety and security. We are here to help with any questions and concerns you may have.

Do I have to pay for sign up?

No. Signing up on our homepage and viewing the accommodations is free of charge.

How do I find an apartment on German Apartment?

You can find rooms, apartments and studios for your desired city and rental period in our search function on our front page. You can check pictures, video and descriptions of each offered accommodation and make your choice accordingly.  

How can I book?

You will find the "Book Now" botton in each accommodation listing. Click on that botton and proceed with the registration on Stripe. Payments must always be actively initiated by you. At no time we will collect fees via direct debit. You can book with your credit card, bank account or apple pay.

Can I view the apartments before renting?

Yes, we offer honest pictures, videos, a google map and a detailed description of all accommodations.

In that way you have all the needed information about the accommodation, know how it looks like and where it is located, before you make your decission. 

For your convenience, the entire booking process can be done conveniently online, from anywhere and anytime. 

Can I cancel my booking if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel your booking before the start date of your stay. In that case however the service charge and the first month rent cannot be refunded.

Can I move in later than the original the start of the rental period? 

Yes, you can. You're free to move in at any time you prefer, on or after the official start of the rental period (e.g., if the rental period begins on January 1st, but you choose to move in on January 15th).

However, it's important to note that if you decide to move in later than the rental period's official start date, you are still required to pay rent from the original start date. This is because the landlord reserves the accommodation for you during that time. 

In return you have the right to move in at any time of your wish on or after the beginning of you rental period, for example in case you change your plans and arrive earlier to Germany than expected.


Payment & Deposit

Is my money safe when using German Apartment?

Yes, your money is safe when using German Apartment. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable service, and all payments are processed using secure payment methods.

We work with Stripe, the payment processor of Amazon, google or BMW. Stripe uses the most up to date safety features for online payments, incl. multi-factor authentication (MFA) and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Why is the first month rent higher than the following months? 

The initial payment includes the service charge and the first month rent. With this payment you have already paid the first month rent and don´t have to pay again for the first month, after moving in. 

From the second month onwards, you only have to pay the normal rent which is stated in the listing. 

Will German Apartment collect fees automatically?

No. German Apartment will never collect fees via direct debit. Payments always must be actively initiated by you. You always have full controll of your payments and bookings.

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees associated with renting an apartment through German Apartment. You only need to pay the agreed-upon rent amount.

Do I get my money back if the landlord cancels the booking?

Yes, your money will be refunded immediately back to you in the uncertain case that the room is not available.


What is a deposit and when do I get back my deposit?

When renting an apartment or room, it’s common to pay a security deposit upfront, mostly worth of 3 month of rent. This deposit (referred as “Kaution” in German) is refundable and serves as a guarantee against damage to the property or unpaid rent.

You get your deposit back typically within a few weeks, but mostly within a few days, after you have moved out, provided the property is in the same condition as when you moved in, and you’ve met all the terms of the lease agreement.


Which documents do I need ?

Normally, the landlord will ask you for the following documents: 

  1. Filled and signed Self Declaration

  2. Last three Income Statements from you or your guarantor (parents), sealed and signed by your employer, with a monthly salary of equivalent min. 1,600 EUR net (after tax)

  3. Passport Copy

  4. Your parents ID Card or Passport Copy 

  5. Blocked Account

  6. Admission letter from your German University

  7. German Visa / Residence Permit (or proof that you are currently applying for a Visa)

You can black-out sensitive information. 

Which monthly income is required by the landlord?

The Landlord normally requires the proof of a monthly salary equivalent of min. 1,600 EUR net (after tax) from you or your guarantor (parents). 

In which language do I have to present the documents?

Either in English or German. Other languages will require a certified translation into English or German. You can black-out sensitive information. 


Do I have my own single room?

Yes, in all apartments you will have your own single room, which can be locked. Enjoy the privacy of your own room while having access to shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. In the uncertain case you will have to share a room with another person, it will be clearly indicated in the listing.

If you have booked an entire apartment, than that’s solely for your use only. Here you will enjoy the entire apartment by yourself, incl. a private kitchen and private bathroom, only for you.

Who is regarded a "good landlord"?

A good landlord is regarded if he or she provides you with a written rental contract, a written landlord confirmation (please also check the section"Police Registration, Important numbers, Consular Service") and only excepts non-cash payments. Non-cash payments ensure that all payments are on record.  

At German Apartment we make sure that all landlords fullfil these criteria.

Where are your accommodations located in general?

The accommodations are conveniently located close to Universities, as well as close to public transport, shops, restaurants, medical and other facilities needed in daily life.


Where are your accommodations located in Berlin?

Most of the Berlin apartments are located within the inner circle (“S-Bahn Ring”), such a Charlottenburg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain or Neuköln. However, we also have beautiful apartments in the outer districts (e.g. Spandau or Tempelhof), and even in Potsdam.


What is a third-party liability insurance?

A third-party liability insurance is a valuable form of protection for you. It offers financial security and ensures that potential liabilities are covered in the event of accidents or damage during your rental period, for example if you cause unintended damage to the accommodation or to the other tenants. The protection also covers if you cause unintended damage to other properties or persons outside your accommodation.


What is GEZ Radiotax?

The German GEZ radio tax, also known as the “Rundfunkbeitrag” (broadcasting fee), is a compulsory fee that all residents in Germany are required to pay to support public broadcasting. This fee is not limited to radio but also covers television and other public broadcasting services, incl. Computer, Tablet, Smartphone and other internet-connected devices. Normally, GEZ has to be born by the tenant and is not included in the rent.

Police Registration, Important numbers, Consular Service

Is Police Registration ("Anmeldung") possible?

Yes, in all accommodations on our plattform Police Registration or "Anmeldung" is possible. Upon check-in you will receive a landlord confirmation ("Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung") and the rental contract. With both documents you can do the police registration. At German Apartment we keep strictly checking that all landlords comply with this rule.  

Important phone numbers

In case of an emergency: 

Police: 110

Fire Fighters: 112

Ambulance (life critical situations): 112  

Consular Services

Please contact the Embassy or Consulate General of your homecountry in Germany, in case you require consulate assisstance, for example in case of lost Passport. Most foreign Embassies are located in Berlin, while Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Duesseldorf host foreign Consulates.  

Housing Rules

Can I smoke and bring my pet into the apartment?

For the well-being of everybody smoking and bringing your pets into the apartment is not allowed. The apartment is for long term and residency use only.


What are the quiet times?

German neighbors appreciate silence during nighttime and on the weekend. Please kindly avoid noisy activities in between 10 pm – 6 a.m., as well as on Sunday.

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