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Modern Comfort and Convenience: Fully Furnished Apartment with private Kitchen, Bathroom, & Patio  
Easy Access to Frankfurt


Modern Comfort and Convenience: Fully Furnished Apartment with Patio, En-Suite Amenities, and Easy Access to Frankfurt

This beautiful and well-appointed apartment lies in a modern and upscale house. The Apartment comes with your own patio, an open kitchen and a private bathroom and WC. Internet Wifi and laundry machine is available. Only 1 min. to the train station (from here to Frankfurt am Main Central only 28 min.), only 2 min. to a bakery shop and a coffee shop.  


  • Am Bahnhof, Dreieich-Offenthal (near Frankfurt am Main), Germany

  • From 17. August 2024

  • 35 square meters

  • Private Bathroom and simple kitchen. The entire apartment is only yours. No sharing with others.

  • WiFi Internet included

  • „Anmeldung” is possible: Along with the accommodation, you will receive a Landlord Certificate („Wohnungsgeberbe-scheinigung”) and a comprehensive rental contract to facilitate the mandatory police registration process ("Anmeldung").

  • Fully Furnished Comfort: The apartment comes fully furnished

  • Laundry machine available (1,5 EUR per usage)

  • Privacy : Enjoy the luxury of your own apartment

  • Min. rental period 1 month

  • Max. rental period 6 month

  • Convenient Surroundings: The apartment's strategic location offers close proximity to various amenities, including a supermarket, restaurants and medical facilities. From the apartment to Dreieich-Offenthal Train Station its only a 1 minute walk. From there only 28 min. directly to Frankfurt am Main Central (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof). 


Financial particulars:


  • The rent is inclusive of all utilities, like heating, electricity, water ("Warm rent"). Wifi Internet is included, too. There will be no additional charges. 

  • Monthly rent from the second month onwards: 750 EUR only

  • First month's rent: 1.350 EUR

  • Deposit: 1,125 EUR (Payable upon your arrival to the landlord)

  • One-time administration payment: 0 EUR 


Nestled within the heart of Dreieich-Offenthal (near to Frankfurt am Main). From here it only takes 28 min. by train to Frankfurt am Main Central, or 40 min. by bus to Frankfurt International Airport.  Supermarket, medical facilities and restaurants are also close by.


Am Bahnhof, Dreieich-Offenthal (near Frankfurt am Main),Germany

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