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About German Apartment

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Our History 

German Apartment is the premier accommodation platform meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of international students and scientists in Germany.


With over 20 years of experience in the higher education sector, our founder recognized the formidable challenges faced by international students when searching for suitable housing in Germany.

Navigating through language and cultural barriers with landlords, enduring arduous and time-consuming application processes, encountering reluctance from landlords to rent to international tenants, and grappling with the overall shortage of available accommodation—all these hurdles significantly impeded the academic pursuits of many aspiring scholars.

Adressing the needs of international tenants

Witnessing firsthand the impact on international students who were compelled to divert their focus from studies to the daunting task of securing housing, our founder was inspired to establish German Apartment. As the pioneer accommodation platform exclusively dedicated to the needs of international students and scientists in Germany, we are committed to alleviating the stress associated with finding suitable living arrangements.

Streamlined, user-friendly platform

At German Apartment, we strive to streamline the rental process, providing a user-friendly platform that addresses the unique challenges faced by our international community. Our mission is to empower students and scientists to concentrate on their academic and research endeavors, confident that their housing needs are in capable hands.

Experience the difference with German Apartment – where your academic journey begins with seamless and stress-free accommodation solutions.

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