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Young Living Elevated Berlin:
Fully furnished 20sqm single Room
WiFi, laundry mashine, kitchen & bathroom
Only 650 EUR all-inclusive
1 August 2024

Modern Living Room

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Young Living Elevated Berlin:
Fully furnished 20 sqm single Room
WiFi, laundry mashine, kitchen & bathroom
Only 650 EUR all-inclusive

1 August 2024

Enjoy young living in this well-appointed, fully furnished and WiFi-equipped single room with a size of 20 square meters for a monthly rent of 650 EUR (all inclusive) only. You feel at home immediately with the fully equipped rooms. The space is warm and cozy, yet stylish and modern.


Get social in the common areas, like in the shared bathroom and the kitchen. The single room is lockable and thus provide you with a high degree of privacy and safety. There are four rooms in the apartment. 

Reside in a safe and prime location, in the southern part of Berlin, in Tempelhof-Schoeneberg district. It is well connected by public transport to downtown.  

  • Borussiastreeet, Tempelhof-Schoeneberg District, Berlin, Germany

  • Single room, size 20 sqm., with shared bathroom and kitchen 

  • From 1. August 2024 

  • Fully Furnished Comfort: The room comes fully furnished, eliminating any hassle from your move and allowing you to seamlessly settle into your new surroundings.

  • Laundry machine and Wifi included

  • „Anmeldung” is possible: Along with the accommodation, you will receive a Landlord Certificate („Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung”) and a comprehensive rental contract to facilitate the mandatory police registration process ("Anmeldung").

  • Shared and gender-mixed apartment: You have your own lockable single room, while kitchen, bathroom and the hallway are shared and gender-mixed (female, male, divers) areas.

  • Convenient Surroundings: The apartment's strategic location offers close proximity to various amenities, including U- and S-Bahn station (subway and lightrail) shops, restaurants, medical facilities, and more, ensuring that everything you require is within easy reach. 


Financial particulars:


  • The rent is inclusive of all utilities, like heating, electricity, water ("Warm rent"), as well as usage of laundry machine and Wifi. There will be no additional charges. 

  • Monthly rent from the second month onwards: 650 EUR 

  • First month's rent: 1,350 EUR

  • Deposit: 1,950 EUR (Payable upon your arrival to the landlord)

  • One-time administration payment: 0 EUR 

Needed documents:

If you are interested, please sent us the following documents: 

  • Passport or ID Card Copy 

  • Admission Letter or Working Contract

  • Blocked Account 

  • Other supporting documents that can verify your financial ability (salary slips, savings, bank account statements, etc.)

  • You can black-out sensitive information 



Only 5 min. to subway station "Alt Tempelhof" (line U6), and 7 min. to light rain station "Tempelhof" (S-Bahn lines 41, 42, 45, 46 and 47).  

Nestled within the heart of downtown of southern Berlin, this exceptional single room is conveniently situated. Supermarkets, shops, medical facilities and restaurants can be walked with 5 min. 

Borussiastreet, Tempelhof-Schoeneberg, Berlin, Germany

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