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Fully Furnished Studio Apartment in Potsdam
Your Own Kitchen and Bathroom
Available from April 15, 2024

Pictures only for reference. The actual furnishing might slightly vary between different apartments.

Fully Furnished Studio Apartment in Potsdam ​
Your Own Kitchen and Bathroom

Available from April 15, 2024

This beautiful new and modern apartment comes with your own private bathroom and private kitchen.

  • Golm District, Potsdam, Germany

  • From 15. April 2024 

  • 20 square meters

  • En-Suite Bathroom and simple kitchen. The entire apartment is only yours. No sharing with others.

  • Basic Wifi Internet included

  • Fully Furnished Comfort: The apartment comes fully furnished, eliminating any hassle from your move and allowing you to seamlessly settle into your new surroundings.

  • „Anmeldung” is possible: Along with the accommodation, you will receive a Landlord Certificate („Wohnungsgeber-bescheinigung”) and a comprehensive rental contract to facilitate the mandatory police registration process ("Anmeldung").

  • Laundry mashine available (against a fee, pay as you use)

  • Privacy : Enjoy the luxury of your own apartment

  • Convenient Surroundings: The apartment's strategic location offers close proximity to various amenities, including shops, restaurants, medical facilities, and more. 


  • The rent is an all-inclusive rent and includes of all utilities, like heating, electricity, water and Wifi Internet.

  • Only GEZ Radio Tax and usage of the laundry mashine are excluded, these are pay as you use.

  • Wifi is included in the rent already.

  • Monthly rent from the second month onwards: 655 EUR

  • First month's rent: 1,355 EUR

  • Deposit: 1,965 EUR 

  • One-time administration payment: 0 EUR


Only 24. min by bike to University of Europe (UE) Potsdam, 21 min. to University of Applied Science Potsdam and only 3 min. to University Potsdam Golm Campus. 

Golm in Potsdam is a favored residential area for students due to its nearby academic institutions and high quality of life. The University of Potsdam's Golm campus houses various faculties, making it attractive for students in fields like natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science.


Golm is well-connected to Potsdam and Berlin via public transportation, offering convenience for leisure activities, jobs, or internships. Despite its academic focus, Golm provides essential amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities.


The community atmosphere is relaxed and supportive, fostering camaraderie among residents. Moreover, Golm's proximity to research institutions like the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces offers research opportunities for students. Overall, Golm provides a conducive environment for academic pursuits, comfortable living arrangements, and personal and professional growth, making it an appealing choice for students seeking a vibrant community during their university years.

Taubenbogen, Golm District, Potsdam, Germany

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