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Central Elegance in Berlin: Private Apartment with Perfect Connectivity and Comfort

Central Elegance in Berlin: Private Apartment with Perfect Connectivity and Comfort 

You couldn´t stay more central! The big apartment (48 sm) is in the heart of the western side of Berlin.

The apartment comes with your private bathroom and your own big kitchen. The entire Apartment is yours - no sharing with others.


The apartment is well connected by public transport. To subway station "Sophie-Charlotte Platz" it is only a 5 minutes walk. Also, its only a short footwalk from the city´s main shopping and entertainment areas, with many shopping and dining options. 

Lake Lietzensee and Ku-Damm are close by. 

The Apartment is well-appointed and fully furnished. The apartment is warm and cozy, yet stylish and modern.

  • Charlottenburg-District (close to Lake Lietzensee), Berlin, Germany

  • 1. May 2024 - 31. October 2024

  • Size 48 square meters

  • Private Bathroom and kitchen. The entire apartment is only yours. No sharing with others.

  • Fully Furnished Comfort: The apartment comes fully furnished, eliminating any hassle from your move and allowing you to seamlessly settle into your new surroundings.

  • „Anmeldung” is possible: Along with the accommodation, you will receive a Landlord Certificate („Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung”) and a comprehensive rental contract to facilitate the mandatory police registration process ("Anmeldung").

  • Privacy : Enjoy the luxury of your own apartment

  • Convenient Surroundings: The apartment's strategic location offers close proximity to various amenities, including U- and S-Bahn station (subway and lightrail) shops, restaurants, medical facilities, and more, ensuring that everything you require is within easy reach. 




  • The rent is inclusive of all utilities, like heating, electricity, water ("Warm rent"). There will be no additional charges, except GEZ Radio Tax.

  • Monthly rent from the second month onwards: 1,750 EUR (two adults, one child) 

  • First month's rent: 2,450 EUR

  • Deposit: 5.400 EUR (Payable upon your arrival to the landlord)

  • One-time administration payment: 0 EUR 


About the area: 

Lake Lietzensee Area, situated in the western part of Berlin is surrounded by a primarily residential area known for its tranquility and scenic beauty. Its is located within Charlottenburg, a district that houses various educational institutions, including the Technische Universität Berlin.


Students considering the residential area around Lake Lietzensee may appreciate its proximity to academic institutions, the serene environment provided by the lake, recreational opportunities in the surrounding green spaces, convenient public transportation connections to the city center, and the availability of local amenities such as grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants for their daily needs.

Nestled within the heart of downtown Berlin, this exceptional single Apartment is conveniently situated. The location boasts excellent connectivity to public transportation (U- and S-Bahn), ensuring both convenience and accessibility. Supermarkets, shops, medical facilities and restaurants are also close by.

Charlottenburg-District, close to Lake Lietzensee, Berlin, Germany

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